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Included in every issue:
  • Ideas and commentary from experienced primary leaders on a range of areas, from managing morale to raising pupil outcomes
  • Practical suggestions for getting the most out of your budget, whether it be for daily supplies or large capital projects
  • Engaging interviews and expert advice from organisations including ISBL, The Key and the NAHT
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Every issue of Primary School Management Magazine provides school business professionals and headteachers with helpful advice and useful information relating to all the organisational and logistical aspects of running a primary school.


PSM is a brilliant resource of practical, solutions-focused thinking from experienced and practising senior leaders in schools. It offers effective advice about the common challenges we face as leaders.

Jeremy Hannay Headteacher of Three Bridges Primary School

articles & opinions from industry experts

Ofsted might be playing catch-up, having conceded that curriculums have narrowed in recent years, but schools can stay several steps ahead when developing theirs - Jeremy Hannay

A message from the Editor, Callum Fauser

Managing the daily logistical and administrative demands of a primary school isn’t easy. Each issue of PSM therefore contains useful advice, great ideas and examples of inspiring practice, from expert contributors with first-hand experience of what school leadership and decision-making really involves.