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Say Hello to SIMS Primary, the Next Generation of SIMS

December 1, 2017, 12:07 GMT+1
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  • An intuitive interface, streamlined access to engaging reports and everything you need in one place. SIMS Primary will make you forget what you think you know about management information systems
Say Hello to SIMS Primary, the Next Generation of SIMS

SIMS has long been established as the management information system (MIS) at the heart of thousands of schools in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, so when a new generation of the software was announced, it signalled the potential for big changes.

Due to be launched in early 2018, SIMS Primary promises to revolutionise the way that schools use their data, taking what was an office admin tool and bringing it into the classroom and into the hands of your teachers.

And while products are regularly relaunched and rebadged with new features and changed interfaces, SIMS Primary is something altogether different; something exciting, re-designed and re-imagined, with the needs of teachers and school leaders in the forefront.

Designed with you in mind

When designing the next generation of SIMS began, teachers and senior leaders from a wide variety of schools were consulted to discover what could make their lives easier and give them back precious time at work.

Ever since, the needs of senior school staff have remained at the very core of SIMS Primary, with the goal being to design a piece of software that not only makes school life easier, but that doesn’t require hours of training.

Imagine being able to instantly access real-time information on the attendance, behaviour and achievements of your class or pupils, all from one screen, with an intuitive and easy-to-use platform, customised exactly to your needs.

Teachers will then be able to go one step further, with SIMS Primary operating as a perfect tool for planning, teaching and tracking your school’s chosen curriculum, allowing you to monitor your pupils’ progress in a visual form, whenever you need it.

Create a complete picture of your school

It can be time-consuming and frustrating to delve through mountains of data, looking for patterns or evidence of effective action.

That’s where SIMS Primary steps in, meeting the demand from busy school staff to cut down time spent on administration and focus on driving school improvement.

Using customisable dashboards, school staff can easily access the information they need from across their school or classes to identify emerging trends, intervene with pupils or generate visual reports for their stakeholders.

By taking away the need to crunch data and trawl through unengaging reports, SIMS Primary allows senior leaders and their staff to focus on keeping their mission-critical operations on track and focus on creating effective school improvement processes.

More power at your fingertips than ever before

As a result of being able to provide greater access to a wide variety of information, SIMS Primary also creates a wealth of opportunities for diving deeper into your school’s performance than previously imagined.

With the ability to easily analyse children’s performance by class-group, gender, ethnicity and more, SIMS Primary allows senior leaders to cross-reference performance indicators with additional factors and outline interventions designed to create positive outcomes.

Imagine being able to identify children who may benefit from additional support earlier than previously possible, then seeing your structured action plan coming to fruition – and being able to record and evidence that success.

SIMS Primary makes it all possible and facilitates a smoother, more secure approach to essential school data, thanks to being hosted in the Cloud, freeing you from the responsibility of maintaining servers or ensuring data security.

To find out more about SIMS Primary visit our microsite, or find us on Twitter at CapitaSIMS and LinkedIn.

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