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How breakfast club helps parents, prevents waste and better prepares children for learning

May 3, 2019, 7:22 GMT+1
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  • Your free food adventure has helped your parents, prevented waste and left you better prepared for learning, says headteacher Iain Linsdell...
How breakfast club helps parents, prevents waste and better prepares children for learning

It has been a couple of years now since you began attending our free breakfast club, and I’m sure you will agree, it has been a brilliant help to you and your parents.

I am well aware you are sometimes slightly unsure about whether to eat guava, or what to do when faced with a lychee, but you have behaved brilliantly well, by and large, for the 20 minutes you share with each other at the start of each day.

It is true that when we first started, the big bosses in school (the school governors – boooo!) were really worried that it wouldn’t work. “What if all of them want to come?” they asked. “We can’t let so many of them come through the front door, and there’s no other way in!” But, children, even though there are between 80 to 100 of you each day, you have managed it beautifully and you continue to do so every morning – thank you!

Did you know that since the breakfast club was first introduced, your attendance has improved and you are now more likely to be on time in the mornings? And, because it is free, your parents have really appreciated the fact they can drop you off safely for a healthy breakfast on their way to work. It has hopefully shaved a bit of money off their ‘big shop’ each week too!

What’s more, because you get dropped off or brought to school for 8.30am, it has helped to reduce traffic congestion (look it up) at the start of the day, which keeps your grown-ups a bit calmer and our neighbours (a little bit) happier too – which is good news, because I don’t have to split them up when they lose their tempers with each other at the school gates as much (maybe they should come to breakfast club for a calm start to the day too).

Now, some very important people (the really big bosses in London) think that, because you come to a breakfast club every morning, it is making you brainier. I’m not sure about that! But you are definitely more ready for school than you used to be. Some of you weren’t getting breakfast at home all the time, so when you get to class after breakfast club, you don’t feel as hungry as you might have done before. Being less hungry and a bit more awake makes it easier for you to learn and that is probably helping you better understand what’s being taught that morning – and that can’t be bad, can it?

Because we work with the charity FareShare Greater Manchester, all of the food we serve to you is supercheap which means your grown-ups at home don’t have to pay a penny! I know that you sometimes find eating muesli a bit tricky, but remember what I said in assembly the other day – the charity works with over 500 food companies to redistribute food to schools, families and other community groups that would otherwise be thrown away. That’s right, thrown away! In landfill!

So, children, I just wanted to say thank you for making our Pitstop breakfast club such a huge success. And I promise that next time we get cumquats, I’ll come and show you how to peel them!

Iain Linsdell is the headteacher at Poplar Street Primary in Audenshaw, Greater Manchester.

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