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Check out the Bic Kids Education Offering

January 5, 2018, 14:39 GMT+1
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  • Specially designed colouring instruments that answer the needs of children at every step of their development
Check out the Bic Kids Education Offering

Perfect for keeping little hands busy, the Bic Kids colouring range has something for primary school children of all stages – from mess-proof crayons and washable felt tip inks, to robust, splinter-proof colouring pencils that will withstand the test of time.

Felt pens

Suitable for children from five years, all of Bic Kids felt pens are designed and constructed with the safety and comfort of kids in mind.

Spotlight on Bic Kids Visa

See your students bring their artwork to life with the Visa felt pens from Bic Kids.

Available as a pack of 12 or a class pack of 288, the fine tips allow for intricate drawing and colouring, while their durability makes them the ideal solution for students who are constantly losing caps, as they won’t dry out for up to three months.

As an added safety feature, the Visa felt pens include ventilated caps, compliant with European Toy Standards.

Parents will thank you too, as the water-based ink is washable on most fabrics, meaning stains aren’t permanent.

Colouring pencils

Bic Kids colouring pencils are designed to enhance child development and creativity, from the very early age of two.

Spotlight on Bic Kids Evoltion

These ultra-resistant, wood-free colouring pencils are great for everyday drawing and colouring.

Thanks to the unique, chew-proof resin barrel, they are safe as they don’t splinter, while also being highly durable and easy to sharpen.

With a wide choice of colours at your student’s disposal, impressive artworks are just a doodle away.


Created for children aged 30 months and up, BIC KIDS crayons are available in a range of shapes and sizes to accommodate the hands of mini artists.

Spotlight on Bic Kids Plastidecor

Available in packs of 12 vibrant colours, Plastidecor are a good option for learners and will be a welcome addition to any classroom.

Made from super-resistant plastic instead of traditional wax, these colourful crayons are extra clean on hands and fabrics.

What’s more, they can also be sharpened and erased just like a colouring pencil!

More info

BIC products are available to purchase from To find out more about BIC, follow @mybicpen on Twitter.

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