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iAM Compliant – Simplify Your Safety Management

November 14, 2019, 1:39 GMT+1
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  • Stay on top of those H&S essentials with the help of this safety management system
iAM Compliant – Simplify Your Safety Management

What is it?
A web-based safety management system for businesses, schools, visitor attractions and other institutions that aims to reduce the costs and levels of paperwork that typically accompany health and safety compliance tasks.

What does it do?
Registered iAM Compliant users get to benefit from expert guidance and money-saving advice presented via a series of how-to videos and guides, pre-built audits, personalised risk assessments, simplified accident and incident reporting, models for staff training and more besides.

Who is it for?
School leaders and SBMs wanting to free up the amount of time and expense they dedicate to health and safety matters. Once registered, the platform can track a school’s premises compliance, risk assessments policy documentation. Policy documents uploaded to the system can be sent to specific individuals, be set to issue reminders to the intended recipients to read them, and issue a confirmation once they’ve been read. In effect, it can shoulder some of the burden for ensuring staff compliance with policies that would otherwise fall within the responsibility of a school’s administrative support staff.

Another notable feature is the facility to have it keep an encrypted pupil incident and accident book that staff can update as and when required.

What sets it apart?
The company offers three coffee-themed pricing tiers, spanning Tall (£199 per year for 10 users), Grande (£499 per year for 50 users) and Venti (£999 per year for 150 users). The three levels are further distinguished by providing schools with, respectively, access to one workplace safety course, five such courses, and access to a comprehensive training library.

More unique, however, is its fourth Espresso ‘freemium’ tier, which the company unveiled at this year’s Schools & Academies Show to replace what used to be a 30-day introductory trial. Schools that sign up for the free offering can register up to three users and make use of iAM Compliant’s full premises compliance toolkit, which includes incident and accident reporting, personalised audits and risk assessments, fire safety training and how-to video guides for various safety and compliance tasks.
In their own words:
Luke Pargeter, founder and CEO: “A small primary school will ideally want to manage their safety compliance cheaply, and often adopt an ad hoc system of spreadsheets, without really knowing what they’re doing. Our system tries to simplify the safety management process as much possible by being easy to use, and through providing free training via videos, webinars and how-to guides, which cover areas such as legionella inspections.”

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