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5 Reasons to try Evidence Me Assessment App in your School

October 3, 2019, 15:05 GMT+1
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5 Reasons to try Evidence Me Assessment App in your School
  • 2Simple gives us the lowdown on how this assessment app can make observations easy while keeping parents fully in the loop...
5 Reasons to try Evidence Me Assessment App in your School

1 | Reduce teacher workload

Gone are the days of Post-it notes, ring binders and scrapbooks for evidencing learning. Evidence Me has been designed to significantly reduce teacher workload, allowing teachers to easily take a photo, capture a video or write a note and instantly upload their observation to the app whilst on the go – with or without WiFi. With Evidence Me, teachers will be able to consistently form quality formative assessment while simultaneously saving themselves ours
of record keeping time.

2 | Reporting and assessment

Our reporting has been designed to be as effortless as possible, because we know how time-consuming reporting can be. Using in-app assessment data, teachers can track, evidence and support their classes’ learning with a variety of reports, including an Individual Framework Progress and Coverage Report, a Flightpath Report and a Teach Next Report. Completed reports are stored on the websuite, enabling teachers to collate past reports for as long as their licence is active, and can also be easily exported in a range of formats.

3 | Dedicated parent app

Our new dedicated parent app can be used for two-way communication between parents and teachers to share information in real time. Teacher retain control over what’s shared with parents, with any shared observations sent instantly to the parent app. Parents can comment on the observation and create their own by adding media and notes, before sending this back to the teacher to view without the need for emails or logging on to the websuite. It’s the perfect way for parents to be updated on their child’s progress and learning journey.

4 | Auto-suggesting of the next step objectives

Auto suggesting of objectives is another great time-saving feature. When setting up Evidence Me, you can upload your preferred framework from early years to KS2, or even upload a custom framework. Once an observation has been captured, the auto suggesting tool will recommend the objectives and next step objectives based on the teacher’s notes from the observation.

5 | Share observations

In a classroom or nursery setting, there will often be more than one person responsible for capturing observations. Evidence Me ensures that any observations are instantly updated on the learners’ profiles across multiple devices within the same school setting. This feature saves teachers’ time by making sure that multiple observations are not made of one child doing the same activity, while also updating and suggesting the next objective to capture.

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