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Where Should You Go for Your End of Year School Trip?

March 25, 2019, 10:45 GMT+1
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  • If you’re planning to give your pupils a year-end treat, here are several experiences well worth considering...
Where Should You Go for Your End of Year School Trip?

Jodi Kelly

Business Development Manager (Education), KidZania London

At KidZania, we’re firm believers in ‘learning by doing.’ We have an indoor city designed for children aged between 4 and 14, which they can independently explore while taking part in a wide range of exciting activities modelled on real-life jobs and professions.

It’s cross-curricular experiential learning at its best. Each activity is developed and supported by qualified teachers with reference to the National Curriculum to help bring learning to life across a variety of subject areas, ranging from STEM, English and PSHE to D&T and more.

At the same time, KidZania visitors get to develop important skills in critical thinking, entrepreneurship, collaboration and financial literacy, to name just a few. Through the process of discovering for themselves what KidZania has to offer, your pupils will have their imaginations stimulated and develop an enthusiasm for the world of work alongside their peers – working together to complete tasks and solve problems.

We can also provide schools with free resource packs for Key Stages 1 to 3, containing worksheets, pre- and post-visit lesson plans, planning tickets and risk assessment forms.

Julie Brooks

Experience expert team leader, Kingswood

Kingswood is a great place to take your class as the school year comes to an end. There are a wide range of residential trips to choose from at our 10 unique adventure centres, all of which include days full of action-packed activities as well as evening entertainment.

Students will have a fantastic time experiencing the likes of abseiling, kayaking and zip lining in the great outdoors with specially trained instructors, all while pushing themselves out of their comfort zones, broadening their horizons, forging new friendships and developing new skills. They’ll come away feeling more confident and independent as a result – and as well as experiencing a rush of adrenaline, they’ll be left with a great sense of achievement for all that they’ve accomplished.

There are a series of programmes suited to a range of ages, starting from KS1, as well as specially designed transitioning programmes to help those who will soon be moving on to secondary school – all of which will leave them with fun-filled memories to last a lifetime.

Jamie Lawrence

Schools Executive, LEGOLAND Windsor Resort

The LEGOLAND Windsor Resort’s ethos is all about allowing pupils of all ages to engage and explore through creative and imaginative play. The Resort’s offer of theme park rides and attractions combined with interactive educational workshops makes it a strong contender for school teachers seeking somewhere engaging to take a school trip.

The resort is an exciting venue for learning outside the classroom. While most suitable for Key Stages 1 to 4, there are also experiences available for pre-school and younger school pupils. Schools can use a National Curriculum Map to navigate their way around the resort, making sure to tie in all of their learning objectives whilst enjoying over 55 rides and attractions.

Top attractions for visiting school groups at the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort include Miniland, where model scenes feature nearly 40 million LEGO® Bricks, and the LEGO® 4D Movie Theatre – a 4D film experience with wind, snow, fire and lighting effects. A LEGO Brick Submarine underwater adventure ride is also bound to attract the attention of pupils, so don’t miss experiencing the Atlantis Submarine Voyage.

A first class treat

Why London’s newest attraction, The Postal Museum, can provide your pupils with an engaging day to remember

Help your pupils explore over 500 years of innovation in social communications via something they’ll all be familiar with – the post.

The Postal Museum delivers a variety of award-winning, inspiring learning experiences, ranging from action-packed workshops to attention-grabbing science shows and storytelling sessions led by engaging facilitators. Visitors will get to examine a series of interactive galleries that showcase a host of incredible objects that really bring the past alive.

Take your class on the Mail Rail, and journey through the original tunnels that once formed the famous Post Office railway. Elsewhere, there’s ‘Sorted! The Postal Play Space’ – a miniature mail-themed discovery space for children aged 8 and under that promises sackfuls of fun.

School visitors can take advantage of several services designed to make their day easier, including a dedicated lunch room and lockable bag and coat storage facility. After your visit you can build on the experience during class time with the aid of our free online learning resources.

Nicola Rowell
Year 1 teacher, Gospel Oak Primary school, London

Gospel Oak Primary school has repeatedly visited The Postal Museum – it’s always a great day, and the staff and parents enjoy the trip immensely.

The Postal Museum has loads of engaging, hands-on exhibits and very friendly staff; the workshops are excellent, and perfectly tailored to Year 1. Each visit is an exciting opportunity for a class of children to really engage with the history of the post.

Our PTA, the Gospel Oak School Association, contributes to the cost of the visits, so that each child and their family pays just a minimal amount for the trip – usually £1 or £2. Letters are sent out a few weeks before each trip, parents reply and we make up for any shortfall in contributions.

Kaylee Hopkins
Head of Year 1, Beavers Community Primary school, London

The Postal Museum fit in very well with our class topic. It was a fabulous day out for our school because it was very interactive and engaging. The workshops were so exciting for all the children.

Our group took part in museum’s Jolly Postman literacy learning programme, and the children visited the ‘Sorted!’ indoor play area. The facilities are great. We budgeted for the trip with help from parental contributions, and gave ourselves a few months to collect the money.

To find out more and book your visit, see

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