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Product Review – imoves

November 23, 2018, 10:19 GMT+1
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  • A cross-curricular digital platform for building physical literacy and an active school with muscle
Product Review – imoves
  • Inspiring daily activity challenges for the whole school
  • Interactive films, lesson plans, PowerPoints, printable worksheets, flashcards and assessment tools with achievement certificates
  • Mindfulness module for emotional wellness
  • A full active PE curriculum covering dance, gymnastics, Pilates and other assorted activities

In an overloaded curriculum, time is precious. Every minute of the day counts, so finding the time to squeeze everything in is a battle. You know your children need to be doing more exercise, and that active learning is one of your top priorities – but how to put it into practice?

One way of approaching the problem is to integrate physical activity across classroom subjects and make it part and parcel of your teaching through the day. It’s a nice idea, but who has the time to do that?

Well, don’t sweat it, because imoves have set about resolving that very issue. It’s their mission to get all children moving every day for at least 30 minutes, and they’ve come up with some highly creative ways of bringing that about.

This is a comprehensive programme of classroom activities that’s bursting with hints, tips and ideas.

Available via imoves’ online platform is an array of activities – including ‘SportsJam’, ‘Creative Combat’ and Pilates – which range from short and sharp ‘quick blasts’, through to full ‘active lessons’.

The latter are classroom based and combine movement with subjects such as drama, maths, geography and PSHE. There’s also a mindfulness component for building confidence and resilience and managing anxiety.

Every imoves activity is created by an expert in the field, which shines through in the quality of the content, the lesson notes and ease with which teachers can monitor progress.

Everything’s been created with busy teachers in mind, in a way that allows them to get straight down to business with minimal set-up time.

It’s a brilliant planning tool, superbly structured with both eyes on inclusion and couldn’t be easier to use. Simply click ‘Find lessons’, select the age range and subject you want to teach, print off a lesson plan and get moving!

The demonstration videos model specific activities in a clear, engaging and child-friendly way, accompanied by fun music that serves to both motivate and help children understand the importance of following a beat and how music is phrased.

If you’re looking to become an active school, you won’t find a better package than this.

It’s bursting with dynamic activities that will stretch and challenge, while feeling fresh and bang up-to-date – and can positively contribute to a major change in mindset when it comes to promoting healthy lifestyles.


  • Top quality music and video material
  • Delightfully easy to plan, teach and assess
  • Enjoyable and engaging; improves motivation and builds self-esteem
  • An easy and cost effective way to get children moving more
  • Ideal for Sports Premium funding

Upgrade if…

You’re looking for a practical, flexible and fun programme that can make exercise an enjoyable and routine part of the day, while inspiring healthy minds and bodies.

Prices start from £295 a year; try imoves for free for 30 days at

Reviewed by John Dabell

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