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ParentMail – A Parental Engagement System used by Over 6,000 Schools and 3 Million Parents

February 22, 2019, 10:51 GMT+1
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ParentMail – A Parental Engagement System used by Over 6,000 Schools and 3 Million Parents

At a glance

  • Helps share information, manage events, manage online payments, record absences and more
  • Generates customisable data reports to support student learning
  • Streamlines processes, protects sensitive data and delivers cost savings
  • Support available from a comprehensive help site with live chats and guided tours

Schools need to keep parents onside if they’re to help children achieve, yet some schools can make life harder for themselves by using cumbersome and outdated parental engagement systems.

Engagement can be far easier to manage via a suitable technology solution that’s able to keep parents in the loop, flexibly meet their needs and make your communications flow more efficiently.

ParentMail is an expert in this area, having seen its parental engagement platform improve parent-teacher relationships and boost parental involvement across thousands of schools.

The recently overhauled main portal through which users access the ParentMail service is laid out simply and logically, while providing a host of different ways in which to keep parents engaged with what’s going on in school.

ParentMail is built around a suite of five core application modules - ‘+Pay’, ‘Communications’, ‘Online Forms’, ‘Parents’ Evening’ and ‘Meetings and Events’, each of which can be accessed via desktops and mobile devices.

The Communications module is particularly impressive, allowing you to send attachments of up to 10MB direct to parents’ phones via a school-branded ParentMail app. With Online Forms, parents can also easily complete trip consent forms, fill out surveys, grant pupil permissions and access the school’s dinner menus.

Meetings and Events serves as a digital diary, helping keep parents abreast of open days, sports events and other key dates. Parents’ Evening appointments can meanwhile be made from home with a single tap, thus freeing teachers from a potentially time-consuming administrative burden.

One of ParentMail’s more dynamic features is the +Pay module for processing cashless payments. Parents can use it to top up their child’s dinner money and pay for sports clubs, school trips, revision guides and indeed anything else, with a choice of ways to pay, including PayPal.

For useful information on how well your parents are taking to ParentMail you can turn to the main dashboard, which gives you details on its uptake and how many are using ParentMail regularly, as well as suggestions for boosting registrations.

Taken as whole, ParentMail comes across as reliable and incredibly efficient. It enables a series of handshakes and smiles to be shared between a school and its parents, making for happier and more productive relationships between the two.

With a system this intuitive in place, there’s no excuse for parents to be left in the dark about developments at their child’s school.


  • User-friendly and convenient
  • Removes barriers to parental engagement
  • Can deliver huge improvements to your organisation and logistics
  • Makes administering parental interactions faster and cheaper, while reducing staff workload
  • Keeps everyone in the loop and up to date – especially helpful for reminders and any last-minute changes
  • Upgrade if…

    You’re looking to dynamically engage with parents to help children achieve more, build positive relationships and offer cost-effective interactions with the school via one flexible platform. Each module is priced separately, starting from £219 per year.

    To learn more, visit or follow @parentmail.

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